The Goodholm Group was set up to deliver solutions to homeownership problems in the UK property market.

We believe that the paradigm for the financing of owner-occupied homes is no longer working, so we have designed a suite of equity-based solutions that will help ordinary people escape the rental trap and take their first steps onto the property ladder by helping them raise the deposits they need.

We have been building the systems and networks we need to be able to deliver these solutions and will be launching the first of our products in 2019.


Buying a home is something everyone dreams of. Unfortunately, saving for the deposit is one of the biggest challenges facing young professionals today. In fact only half of first time buyers are able to do this without help from their friends and families.

With deposits in London now over £80,000 for a first home, saving can take decades, meaning years of rent paid instead of being invested in your own home.

Goodholm has been set up to solve this problem. We will offer equity loans to First Time Buyers to boost their deposits and to give the mortgage lender the security they require over their loans.

Goodholm will be launching its innovative product in Q3 2017.


In March 2017 Goodholm acquired Gemini Consultants Limited: an established mortgage lender and servicer.

Gemini has been successfully lending and servicing mortgages for over 30 years and has an enviable track record. Today, Gemini provides software, consultancy, lending and third-party loan administration services to over 70 lenders across the UK and Ireland.

Gemini works with both commercial and local government lenders, who benefit from our deep understanding of the housing market and the changing issues faced by today’s homeowners.

Gemini will be core to the group’s ambition to lend deposits to home-buyers as it has all the operational elements we need to do this.

We intend to use Gemini as the platform from which we will launch our new equity loans next year.

To find out more about Gemini, go here: Gemini Consultants Limited


Working with a number of local authorities has helped us identify several common themes where we can make a real difference:

  • making housing more accessible – we have financial products that the councils can use to help get first time buyers onto the housing ladder and also help get people into affordable housing
  • key workers – our products can help key workers with raising the deposit so that they can live closer to work or in a home that more nearly fits their need
  • income generation – as well as helping councils achieve their social objectives, these products can generate much needed additional income
  • portfolio disposal – many local authorities have legacy portfolios that cost more to administer than they’re worth. We are able to wind down these schemes on your behalf and occasionally acquire the loan books to relieve the authority of the burden of administration.

Working with key partner authorities, we are also in the early stages of developing products to help reduce social service costs and deliver other housing objectives. If you would like to see how we might be able to help you, simply give us a call.


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